Get top rated an inspector calls quotes here-Also check- Sling blade quotes / Meme quotes. He has build himself an excellent career and life with his hard work. As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money. This demonstrates Mrs Birling’s clear class prejudice In the play ‘An Inspector calls’ Priestley presents Mrs Birling as a; immoral, proud, prejudice, bad mother. "I was the only one who didn’t give in to him." No, that’s no use. ( The main characters in An Inspector Calls are the Birling family, Gerald Croft and Inspector Goole. How to revise Mrs Birling in 5 quick quotes for GCSE English Literature students. 3/4: Priestley's Message (intended effect on the audience) She represents (with Eric) the younger generation – Priestley saw them as ‘more impressionable’ – after all, they were the future. Inspector: (grimly) Don't worry Mrs Birling. I shall do my duty. For information on finding more in-depth tutorials please visit my website. Given the Inspector is there to investigate the death of Eva Smith this is an apt description, but it might also suggest that the Inspector is to feed on the Birling family. Priestley presents Mrs Birling as being proud of her social status; he uses Mr Birling to highlight this ‘Arthur you’re not supposed to do such things’. An inspector calls quotes … a man has to make his own way—has to look after himself—and his family, too, of course, when he has one—and so long as he does that he won’t come to much harm. // and if you'd take some steps to find this young man and then make sure that he's compelled to confess in public his responsibility – instead of staying here asking quite unnecessary questions – then you really would be doing your duty. The Inspector’s investigation aims to teach each character a lesson. The Inspector asks Mrs. Birling why the girl wanted help, and Mrs. Birling initially refuses to answer, determined not to... (full context) ...but that she didn’t want to take it because it was stolen. You not only knew her but you knew her very well. So we have picked up some of the best Mr. Birling quotes from the movie. Mr. Birling is an interesting character from the movie Inspector Calls. Sheila Birling, along with her generation, is the most open to changing attitudes on society and wealth. The movie is popular but the lines/quotes from the movie are also popular. Mrs Birling views it as a victory that she did not accept any of the blame the Inspector tried to lay at her feet. Mrs Birling is happy for Eva Smith (who was around the same age) to experience them first-hand – because she is lower-class. Number Three. Mrs Birling turns to the Inspector. Mrs Birling, about Eva.

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