Allegory Examples . Examples of allegory include Virgil’s “Eclogues” and Jan Vermeer ’s “The Allegory of Painting.” Marcus Fabius Quintillian divided allegory into two broad types: the personal/historical and the wit/sarcastic. Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave' In the "Allegory of the Cave," Plato describes the difference between enlightened people and those who don't see true reality, in "The Republic."

Allegory comes from the Latin and Greek word ‘allegoria,’ meaning ‘veiled language’ or ‘figurative.’ This means that the meaning is not literal, but is implied. Allegory is characterized by the use of metaphor, personification, and moral conflict. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is one of history’s most famous examples of allegory. These shadows depict the reality that they’ve known from the very start. He also believed that if an allegory was … These storytelling examples are clever, carefully planned and full of key aspects that play on our emotions. We built Allegory around this idea – that the stories that capture your underlying passions, purpose, and the whys and hows of your organization – are the story. Medieval Allegory: Roots of Advertising Strategy for the Mass Market The author examines the medieval literary tradition of allegory and relates it to contemporary advertising. For a brand that wants to do this kind of thing, remember that storytelling is about being the story in the end, whether this is the cheekiness of HTC, or the soap that makes magical things happen. A literary work that makes use of allegory has its characters, events, and settings used to symbolize much larger ideas with the purpose and aim which is to get its theme or moral across and understood by its reader. This tradition is the basis of advertisements that use fear to convey didactic instruction to mass audiences. LET’S GET STARTED . 18+ Allegory Examples in PDF Allegory is used as a literary device in a lot of published fables, parables, stories, and poems. Allegory 153 Regent Street, Studio 2010 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. And when we can articulate THAT [...] Read more. Ready to align your culture with your marketing strategy?

In this story, a group of people are chained inside a cave in which they could only see shadows of the outside world being projected on the walls.

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