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Perhaps he'll expand on this idea in his next book: The Origins of the Second World War: II. Series By A.J.P. Kid's. Iacobus de arenoso. A.J.P. All Categories.

A contentious, but classic and famous work of modern history. Helpful. Taylor caused a storm of outrage with this scandalous bestseller. Collectibles. See all books authored by A.J.P. Taylor, including The Origins of the Second World War, and The First World War, and more on From its first publication in 1961, A.J.P Taylor's book, The Origins of the Second World War has been at the heart of controversy because of his unorthodox treatment of Hitler's contribution to the outbreak of war. 15% off all used books $5 or more Use code HOLIDAY2019 A.J.P. 4.0 out of 5 stars A Classic of Twentieth Century History. Young Adult. One of the most popular and controversial historians of the twentieth century, who made his subject accessible to millions, A.J.P. Taylor’s most popular book is The Origins of the Second World War. In this clear, lively and now-classic account of the First World War, he tells the story of the conflict from the German advance in the West, through the Marne, Gallipoli, the Balkans and the War at Sea to the offensives of 1918 and the state of Europe after the war. Taylor? Read more. Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2018 . Comment Report abuse. About Us. Blog. A.J.P. What A. J. P. Taylor's The Struggle for Mastery in Europe suffers from in being nearly fifty years old, it more than makes up for in style. Fiction.
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A. J. P. Taylor was one of the most acclaimed and uncompromising historians of the twentieth century. Our App. Offers. Skip to content. Taylor has 58 books on Goodreads with 12346 ratings. Alternate titles might have been The Struggle to Prevent the Mastery of Europe, or the Decline and Fall of the Balance of Power. It is a riveting book that is smattered with wit and an author's thorough knowledge of his subject.

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