4. What is a sentence with the word aerial in it? Lists.
I was quite patient; the grand open country all round me offered lessons of inestimable value in what we call aerial perspective. 99- Sometime later, an aerial ladder and rescue truck was added to the list of equipment. - Dunkirk (1958 film) In 1930, he is chosen to be among the pilots for an aerial exhibition. definitions. We get an aerial view of the world below. Examples of Aerial in a sentence *** An aerial view of the city of Port Said and a section of the Suez Canal.

aerial / examples. aerial in a sentence and translation of aerial in Indonesian dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com Of, in, or caused by the air. How to use aerial in a sentence. Reaching high into the air; lofty. Example sentences for "aerial" in popular movie and book plots. sharptoothed

1. synonyms. 2. The Word "Aerial" in Example Sentences Page 1 2264378 The aerial on our radio needs fixing. 6. examples "The full back was hurt in an aerial challenge" "The aircraft was used for aerial mapping" "Just what will happen when an aerial appliance is needed?" The aerial list of example sentences with aerial. antonyms. 5. existing or living or growing or operating in the air Last update: July 24, 2015

Electronic imaging and laser guidance had changed the term aerial bombardment into precision air attack . 98- Gallery The aerial Bridge in 1907 The bridge in 2007 The aerial Lift Bridge at Night. The soldiers on the beaches are subjected to regular aerial bombing and strafing. *** The testimony of Venus is that the aerial fragmentation of projectiles is extremely important. Unsubstantial; imaginary. The TV aerial is obsolete in the UK because all of the television is digital. The mosque administration condemned what it called aerial surveillance of the mosque and spraying of some gases. sharptoothed 2264404 The town was subjected to an aerial attack. Sentence with the word aerial.
Of, for, or by means of aircraft: aerial photography. aerial in a sentence - 26. Botany Growing or borne above the ground or water: aerial … - Reach for the Sky. 97- The ventral wings are usually reduced to a pair of prominent ribs in aerial pitchers. *** She drew the figures on a large-scale map with the help of aerial photographs.

Get More Sentences: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 Learning Games for Fun : al (âr′ē-əl, ā-îr′ē-əl) adj. Suggestive of air, as in lightness; airy. With Carmelita's help, Sly lays waste to Clockwerk's base and confronts him in aerial combat. 3. Sentence example with the word 'aerial' aerial aerials, air-minded, aspiring, dish, gaseous, high-up, miasmal, oxygenous, skyscraping, supernal, upreared Definition adj. Existing or living in the air.


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