Corpus ID: 155326737. This is a hallmark of what Feeley and Simon call ‘actuarial justice’ (M. Feeley and J. Simon (1994), ‘Actuarial Justice: The Emerging New Criminal Law’, in: D. Nelken (ed.) Punishment, Place, and Perpetrators: Developments in Criminology and Criminal Justice Research.Portland, OR: Willan Publishing.

41–61). Actuarial risk technologies are often characterized as having supplanted much of practitioners' discretionary decision making with structured, ... Malcolm and Simon, Jonathan, “Actuarial Justice: The Emerging New Criminal Law,” in The Futures of Criminology, ed. Actuarial Justice: the Emerging New Criminal Law @inproceedings{Feeley1994ActuarialJT, title={Actuarial Justice: the Emerging New Criminal Law}, author={Malcolm M. Feeley}, year={1994} } Nelken, David (London: Sage, 1994), 173. On the grounds of safety, the government is willing to take or enforce drastic measures, for which criminal law is deployed as an instrument to control security risks. In G. Bruinsma and H. Elffers (eds.) This article argues that juvenile justice practices now reflect what Feeley and Simon have identified as `actuarial justice.' In Nelken, D., Ed., The Futures of Criminology, Sage Publisher, London, 173-201. Feeley, M. and Simon, J. (2004) Risk assessment and criminal law: closing the gap between criminal law and and criminology (pp. This means that the traditional parens patriae orientation of juvenile justice, as well as punishment, have been supplanted by the goal of efficient processing. This article applies the concept of actuarial justice to the “special needs” exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant and probable cause requirements. 6 Week 3: Risk assessment, actuarial justice and dangerous offenders Risk and Actuarial Justice Feeley, M & J Simon, 'Actuarial Justice: The Emerging New Criminal Law' in Nelken, D (ed) The Futures of Criminology (1994) OR Feeley, M Origins of Actuarial Justice in S Armstrong, & L McAra (eds) Perspectives on Punishment: the Contours of Control Buruma, Y. According to the United States Supreme Court, the “special needs” exception should only apply when the routine interests of law … (1994) Actuarial Justice The Emerging New Criminal Law.

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