Scherer and Palazzo's (2011, p. 901) definition encompasses that ‘in a nutshell, political CSR suggests an extended model of governance with business firms contributing to global regulation and providing public goods’ and dismisses the ‘instrumental view of corporate politics’ related to CSR in favour of their own normative understanding of ‘political CSR’. With inputs from various articles including The New Political Role of Business in a Globalized World – A Review of a New Perspective on CSR and Its Implications for the Firm, Governance, and Democracy by Andreas Georg Scherer and Guido Palazzo. Although Scherer and Palazzo place corporate responsibility in a political context, their account does not emphasize, let alone focus on, questions of the role of power in supporting different views, the power imbalances between them, and how to redress this situation (Palazzo and Scherer 2006; Scherer and Palazzo 2007, 2011).
2016 May;53(3):273–298. Publication: Huber, Kristin & Gilbert, Dirk Ulrich (2015).

& Siegel D. (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility. On the other side of the debate, scholars like Assländer and Curbach endorse the idea We propose a new approach, based on Jürgen Habermas's theory of democracy, and we define the new role of the business firm as a political actor … (Scherer & Palazzo, 2008), we suggest that there are good reasons for using the broader notion of CSR as the umbrella term in our reconsideration of the business and society field. This article analyzes the advent of globalization and delineates its impact on the corporation and its social responsibilities. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal of Management Studies .

Toward a political conception of corporate responsibility: Business and society seen from a Habermasian perspective. Scherer AG, Rasche A, Palazzo G, Spicer A.

Global rules and private actors - Scherer, Palazzo, Baumann, 2006 ... 1996, 1998, 2001) proposes a de-centred concept of democratic governance.

Managing for Political Corporate Social Responsibility: New Challenges and Directions for PCSR 2.0. Part of the literature on PCSR does raise this question, e.g. (2011) relate CD to political CSR theory in accordance with Scherer and Palazzo (2007) and argue that CD includes CSR activities that mitigate political issues, leading to the transformation of companies into political actors. In: Crane, A. McWilliams, D., Moon J. Academy of Management Review, 32(4): 1096–1120. Globalization and CSR - Scherer & Palazzo, 2008 Scherer, A. G. & Palazzo, G. 2008.

Instead of analyzing corporate responsibility from an economic or an ethical point of view, they propose to embed the CSR debate in the context of the changing order of political institutions.

'political' understanding of CSR (Scherer & Palazzo, 2007: 1113); and, along with civil society actors more generally, help construct governance structures and/or organizational routines that will help ensure that MNCs promote "the interest of a globalized society" (Scherer & Palazzo, 2010: 921). Political CSR (PCSR) (Scherer and Palazzo, 2007, 2011) and the closely related extend- ed approach to corporate citizenship (Matten and Crane, 2005) developed as a critical alternative to the purely instrumental view on CSR and CPA. The former is criticized because of its instrumentalism and normative vacuity and the latter because of its relativism, foundationalism, and utopianism. on political CSR zooms in on how these activities can be legitimized, for instance by incor-porating deliberative democratic practices in corporate governance (Scherer and Palazzo 2011; Scherer, Baumann-Pauly, and Schneider 2013; Schneider and Scherer 2015).

Key issue: Globalization weakens the nation state and causes the rise of global problems. Scherer and Palazzo (2007: 1096) present their account of political CSR as a macro level concept to define “the new role of the business firm as a political actor in a globalizing society”. Lastly, White et al. Scherer, A. G., & Palazzo, G. 2007. In the growing amount of literature on political corporate social responsibility (PCSR) emanating from Scherer and Palazzo (2007, 2011) it is seldom discussed what sort of organization is required to satisfy the theory of PCSR. The legitimacy of corporations depends on the political embeddedness of CSR (Fung, 2003): their participation in an open discourse, transparency, monitoring, third parties involvement, control.

Globalization and CSR.

Institute of Organization and Administrative Science (IOU) Working Paper Series No. Scherer and Palazzo suggest that the CSR activities can be discussed from an alternative perspective. Scherer, Andreas Georg and Palazzo, Guido, The New Political Role of Business in a Globalized World – A Review of a New Perspective on CSR and its Implications for the Firm, Governance, and Democracy (2011). We review two important schools within business and society research, which we label and . It begins with an explanation of the concept of globalization.

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