World War 1 alliance led by Austria-Hungary and Germany and later joined by Bulgaria and the Ottoman empire. Quick Links. Learn all about the Great War by reviewing these words related to World War I. nationalism: militarism: ... A set of World War One related vocabulary word wall cards. Start studying World War 1 Vocabulary. $2.99 13 pages 4 - 7. teaching resource World War One Word Wall Vocabulary. A vocabulary list featuring World War I. The U.S. joined France, Great Britain, and Russia(in 1917) during World War 1 to make up … Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Trench Warfare World War 1 military strategy of defending a position by fighting form the protection of deep ditches. Word List. This list includes 30 words related to World War One Vocabulary. Word List Widgets Resources. World War One Vocabulary.

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