The first were produced by Germans in 1909 before the war even began. What was the technology of World War 1? Alan Taylor; April 27, 2014; 45 Photos ; In Focus; When Europe's armies first marched to war in 1914, some were still carrying lances on horseback. World War I in Photos: Technology. Wartime science and technology developed in the context of the Second Industrial Revolution, with far-reaching consequences for national and international scientific institutions and social structures. World War I in Photos: Technology.

The First World War was a war of innovation. Battles of Verdun, Somme and the Hindenburg Line; 12. 1. Shrapnel and machine gun fire destroyed men’s flesh and left behind some of the worst injuries ever seen. New Technologies Throughout World War 1 Timeline created by AndiSolo. New weapons caused complex wounds that needed new surgical techniques, in areas such as orthopaedics and plastic surgery. The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria in June 1914 is believed to have triggered the World War 1. World War One was the first conflict where the number of deaths from wounds outstripped those from disease. Trench Coats. Alan Taylor; April 27, 2014; 45 Photos ; In Focus; When Europe's armies first marched to war in 1914, some were still carrying lances on … Jul 28, 1909. Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles; 17. Wound care developed further with antiseptic … Yet these weapons could not be of much advantage to one side for very long, because the other side immediately researched every new weapon introduced … Technology in World War 1; 14. Related Questions. For history class. Poison gas, airplanes and tanks.

The Anti-aircraft As outbreak of the war was occurring, people started to realise that it was very difficult to shoot a aircraft out of the sky with just a rifle; in response, creating anti-aircraft. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying Weapons and Technology of World War 1. Closing stages of World War 1; 13. Wiki User 2010-01-06 18:01:17. World War I began in 1914, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and lasted until 1918. Technology. Advances in weaponry and military technology provoked tactical changes as each side tried to gain an advantage over the other. World War 1 was fought between countries mainly with the intention of acquiring colonies or territories and of course World War 1 - Eastern Front; 11. World War 1 was fought for a period of 4 years. World War I was one of the defining events of the 20th century. In Science and Technology. The Treaty of Versailles and Germany; 18. During World War I the governments of all the warring powers put enormous effort into scientific and technical development for military ends.

World War 1 took place between 1914 and 1918. in world war 1 the most important piece of equiment was airoplanes th were only made just before the war begain and if it weren't for them we wouldn't of been able to fight back or any ting like that Deaths in World War 1; 15. WW1 Air Warfare. World War 1. The Weapons and Technology of World War One World War One brought about many new weapons and advancements in technology on both sides. From 1914 to 1918 conflict raged in much of the world and involved most of Europe, the United States, and much of the Middle East. Here are 10 important 'firsts' that happened during the First World War, the effects of which can still be felt today. Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points; 16. This video is unavailable. Both took huge steps towards modern technology and these carried on even after the war had begun. Now a fashion icon, the trench coat first gained popularity among British officers during World War I because of its functionality. Watch Queue Queue

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