There are many things which can be included in the list of natural resources. Water is a key natural resource for human society.

Renewable resources, such as sunlight, wind, and water. Resources is a very broad term, it is basically anything that can be considered a valuable addition. The two general categories of natural resources are BIOTIC and ABIOTIC.

Some types of natural resources are mineral,air,water and trees those are the main for natural resources. Different Types of Natural Resources Natural resources can be either Renewable Natural Resources, or Non-Renewable Natural Resources Renewable Natural Resources Those Natural Resources which can be used again and again are called Renewable Natural Resources. Renewable: resources that are available in infinite quantity and can be used repeatedly are called renewable resources.Example: Forest, wind, water, etc. The natural resources can be simply defined as materials which occur naturally in different environmental conditions. Biotic natural resources are those that derive from living matter such as coal or petroleum. Natural resources are materials provided by the Earth that humans can use to make more complex (human-made) products. Let us take a look at the two broad types of resources - natural resources and man-made resources. Anything from air to gold are all resources. The list is presented in a form which can be understood in a better manner by kids. This is all about the natural resources. They can be replaced or replenished Example - Sun, Water, Plants, Animals Sun and air are present in abundance … What are the Different Types of Natural Resources? Renewable resources are the resources that can be replaced by the environment. The list of natural resources, presented in this article, mainly classifies them into biotic and abiotic. Different types of natural resources - Natural resources conservation, exhaustible (sun, air) and inexhaustible (fuels) natural resources, renewable & non renewable resources. Natural resources are available in two types, they are, renewable and non-renewable. Hope you like it :) Based on the availability are two types of natural resources:.

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