Teenage pregnancies are riskier than pregnancies in women who are older. Teenage pregnancy has been increasing at an alarming rate especially in … A woman can get pregnant if she has vaginal sex with a man at any age after she’s begun having regular monthly periods.

A research. Those who are affected are the girl herself up to the national society. K & Hume. A baby can make the teen years even more complicated. Philippines Today. Approximately 16 million teenage girls become mothers every year,1 but the highest concentration is in sub-Saharan Africa, where 20%–40% of teenagers are mothers or currently pregnant.2 Pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa.2 Adolescent motherhood requires support and community involvement, regardless of the … The breasts are swollen and tender. E-mail Citation » Teenage pregnancy and parenting, especially at a young age, is typically viewed as personally and socially undesirable. The National Health Services spends over £63 million a year on teenage pregnancies in UK. Teenage pregnancy can risk the health of teen mom and even of the child with an adverse effects on health. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in 2014, about 77 percent of the pregnancies were unplanned. Being a teenager can be pretty tough. You're experiencing a lot of changes and figuring out who you want to be. Teenage pregnancy can take place before first menstrual period (12or 13 years), which can result into pregnancy but usually occurs between 13 to 20 years of age. (2001).

- Tristan (2009). Potential Hotspots for Adolescent Pregnancy Data analysis at the district level showed that districts in Western and North Western Provinces are hotspots for teenage pregnancy. Signs and symptoms of teenage pregnancy. susceptible to adolescent pregnancy. Whitaker R, Hendry M, Aslam R, et al. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in 2014, about 77 percent of the pregnancies were unplanned. Teenage pregnancy comes with several hardships for the mothers parents, the mother herself and the child. The main symptoms of teenage pregnancy don’t differ from pregnancy signs an adult woman usually experiences:. Download citation ... issues that may emerge during pregnancy and parenting for teenage mothers. Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy B.T HCS/465 October 23, 2011 Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy Clinical Digest. Rates of teenage pregnancy vary by country, but because of reporting differences, international comparisons can be difficult. Introduction. Teenage pregnancy is considered a pregnancy for women under the age of 20.

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