Delirium is temporary confusion and a decreased ability or inability to connect with reality. Arch Gen Psychiatry. Mania is a facet of type I bipolar disorder in which the mood state is abnormally heightened and accompanied by hyperactivity and a reduced need for sleep. Trust me, after being in the amino for about a week now, this honestly surpasses anything I’ve seen so far 1973 Feb;28(2):221-8.   By contrast, hypomania (often described as "mania-light") is a type II bipolar disorder which neither has the range nor severity of symptoms that classic mania has.

Delirious Mania (Stage III).

This stage can also involve a combination of mania … WebMD explains the symptoms of mania and hypomania, part of the manic phases of bipolar disorder. Bubbles (financial manias) unfold in several stages, an observation that is backed up by 500 years of economic history.
Carlson GA, Goodwin FK. Its symptoms are similar to acute mania, with the addition of delirium. 1. PMID: A longitudinal analysis of the manic episode. Delirious mania is the most severe of the three stages of mania.

The stages of mania.

Each mania is obviously different, but there are always similarities; simplistically four phases can be identified: Stealth. Stages-of-Mania 11 points 12 points 13 points 8 months ago This is incredible.

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