Although its values, assumptions, and approaches may differ from traditional psychology, social justice has an impact on our discipline. Social justice is about human rights and human dignity which is based on shared values. Without clarity and consensus around what social justice means, psychologists risk perpetuating injustices that undermine their mission.
Without clarity and consensus around what social justice means, psychologists risk perpetuating injustices that undermine their mission. Secondly, Social Justice may be seen not as a particular viewpoint on such issues, but rather as a concern with studying them with no preconceived notions.

What Does Social Justice Really Mean for Psychologists? Social Justice Social justice refers to the promotion of full and equal participation of all individuals and groups, allowing their needs to be met equally. When abuses are committed against anyone in any society, the dignity of humanity as a whole is compromised. Putting Social Justice into Practice in Psychology Courses People who advocate for social justice believe all members of society should have equal rights and access to opportunities. Much of psychological science and knowledge is significantly relevant to social justice, defined here as the goal to decrease human suffering and to promote human values of equality and justice. Most societies around the world have fallen short of creating conditions of social justice. Social justice is about rights and obligations to fairness, an appreciation of the self, a respect for life, and a faith in society.

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