The title of the article discusses umpteen things.

It received an A. A literature review reveals the in-depth knowledge of your subject.

In the introduction you also should provide the scope of this review. It (Literature Review), in fact, surveys and survives on scholarly articles and other sources such as … A review of the literature is a type of analysis with respect to articles and journals associated with a field of study, or a specific theory, and therefore the completion of a crucial assessment of the work in question Literature reviews made easy. The remaining 50% depends on your ability to identify and stick to the proper literature review structure. Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion of a Book review. A literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an organizational pattern and combines both summary and synthesis.

... After you've selected a topic, one of the first major tasks is writing the literature review — the section some experts say is the most difficult and time-consuming.

Having a clear understanding of what is a review of the literature and what its main objectives are is important.

Or are you referring to an entire paper that is a literature review? A literature review discusses published information in a particular subject area, and sometimes information in a particular subject area within a certain time period. The literature review surveys scholarly articles, books, and other sources relevant to a particular area of research.

Writing a literature review is often the most daunting part of writing an article, book, thesis, or dissertation.

I have found it helpful to be as systematic as possible when completing this gargantuan task.

Ans – The best way to write a critical review is to read the full literature review 1 or 2 times and write down the main topics that you can criticize. The assignment was to read a variety of assigned articles related to the topic of food and mood, as well as several articles on the topic that we found on our own.

Then write the review considering your own opinion, while judging the positive and negative points of the author in your own words. The review should enumerate, describe, summarize, objectively evaluate and clarify this previous research. Sample Literature Review This is a literature review I wrote for Psychology 109 / Research Methods I. These software tools make it easier for academics to aggregate evidence for research articles, dissertations, or coursework. Image by : Many higher institutes and universities ask students to write literature reviews in the final year.

What is a literature review? A literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an organizational pattern and combines both summary and synthesis. This template basically comprises a set of topics and subtopics which guide a writer throughout every stage of drafting this literature review outlines. However, both conducting a literature review and evaluating its quality can be challenging, which is why this paper offers some simple guidelines on how to conduct better, more rigorous literature reviews and, in the long run, simply better research. A tip: you can use points from the section “Why do we need literature review?” of this article, rephrase them and apply to your own topic.

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These topics are all the pieces of information that the final task is ordinarily supposed to provide or contain in its entirety. x. Sample Literature Review This is a literature review I wrote for Psychology 109 / Research Methods I. Example Of A Literature Review Structure.

This is because writing a literature review only means that you are already near the end of your final requirement in your student life, which is either a thesis or even a dissertation. The literature review should have an introduction in which you could state a theme of your work and justify the need of reviewing the literature. “The literature” seems (and often is) massive. A literature review is a search and evaluation of the available literature in your given subject or chosen topic area. Watch this video created by NUS Libraries to learn how to complete literature review in 3 simple steps. A literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an example of a literature review.

A summary is a recap of the important information of the source, but a synthesis is a re-organization, or a reshuffling, of that information. Sonja Foss and William Walters* describe an efficient and effective way of writing a literature review. If you have to write an undergraduate dissertation, you may be required to begin by writing a literature review.

It might give a new interpretation of old material or combine new with old interpretations.

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Then, read through the sources and come up with a thesis statement for your paper. It is practiced in almost all fields including arts, computer science, science, history, and social science etc. Once you have your thesis, explain how the sources you used back up your thesis in the body of your literature review. Typically, for the former, using the simple past tense is common, e.g., "Jones (2013) found that...." But it is possible to use more than one tense in a literature review.

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