By Brigid Ronan. He exists in all languages. He is put on the stage everywhere. (And pizza, usually, but I can’t do anything with that.) The theme of my English 101 class is love—I chose this theme because at the very least, 18-year-olds care about sex and death. Oct. 27, 2015 . 9 Shakespeare Quotes That Make Great Breakup Lines. The text of Shakespeare sonnet 147 with explanatory notes, from your trusted Shakespeare source. directory: home: contact: welcome: plays: sonnets: analysis: quotations: sources: biography: theatres: key dates: plots: faq: books: glossary: scholars: quiz: search : SONNET 147. Best heartbreak quotes selected by thousands of our users! O! 20 of the most powerful quotes on heartbreak in literature Posted by Abi Jackson Published 6 years ago. Shakespeare Quotes About Heartbreak Free Daily Quotes. 14 Of The Most Devastating Heartbreak Poems Mary Kay McBrayer Jul 26, 2018. I have noticed a trend in my assigned reading. Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Everyone feels that they are represented by him on the stage. call not me to justify the wrong That thy unkindness lays upon my heart; Wound me not with thine eye, but with thy tongue: Use power with power, and slay me not by art, Tell me thou lov’st elsewhere; but in my sight, Dear heart, forbear to glance thine eye aside: What need’st thou wound with cunning, when thy might Is more than my o’erpressed defence can bide? We might assume that Shakespeare pushed his depiction of heartbreak and its consequences beyond the boundaries of the real for dramatic effect. Enjoy our heartbreak quotes collection by famous authors, poets and journalists. Subscribe Shakespeare is the true multicultural author.

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