Needless repetition is deadly—no two ways about it. The repetition time (TR) is the time from the application of an excitation pulse to the application of the next pulse. Repetition in journal articles . Imaging physics. The indefinite article a has been repeated as many times as there are adjectives for the noun in the sentence changing in meaning of the sentence - the person involved has now two cats - one is a black coloured cat and the other is a white coloured cat. Many authors and researchers worry that their writing is too repetitive, but repetition can be a useful tool when used correctly. Watch Queue Queue It is important in developing academic manuscripts, benefits readers, and is encouraged (in appropriate contexts) by editors and publishers. Now examine the following sentences: Winston Churchill was a great orator and statesman. Used strategically, repetition can wake our readers up and help them to focus on a key idea—or, at times, even raise a smile. this video is about repetition of article. Related Radiopaedia articles. It determines how much longitudinal magnetization recovers between each pulse. The repetition of the article in the second sentence indicates that the nouns refer to two different persons. This video is unavailable. It is measured in milliseconds. Repetition of the word 'small' highlights to the reader how tiny Tom's apartment is. People don’t generally want to repeat themselves, and yet, some of history’s most famous speeches—from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” to Winston Churchill’s “We Shall Fight on These Beaches”—contain repetition. It's the kind of clutter that can put to sleep a circus full of hyperactive children. imaging physics; i maging in practice; imaging technology; x-ray physics.

Articles Rules in English Grammar-Omission-Repetition Case 7: Omit use of article before places like school, college, church, temple, hospital, prison when they are visited as usual for primary purpose. But not all repetition is bad. Repetition is not intuitive.

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