However, we only have one body and once health is lost, nothing else matters anymore. Reducing the amount of pollution produced means less waste to control, treat, or dispose of.

Source reduction is fundamentally different and more desirable than recycling, treatment and disposal. Because we are all inhabitants on Earth, everyone is a stakeholder, and every person has something to contribute to advance effective pollution prevention and awareness.
P2, also known as "source reduction," is the ounce-of-prevention approach to waste management.

We are becoming busier to make a living and many times we forget how to live!

Pollution Prevention Measures.
Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source. There are many things we cannot control in life. Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source. Pollution prevention is a major global concern because of its harmful effects on people's health and the environment. Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source, also known as "source reduction."

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