Perfect for beginners. It is spoken as the official language of Portugal and Brazil, with some differences in pronunciation, spelling, and use of pronouns. Portuguese is a fascinating and melodic language that is thought to be the most happy language in the world. Portuguese Pronunciation.

Learn must-know Portuguese phrases that are used in everyday life. Whilst there are loads of pronunciation rules out there (too many to list here for simple travel phrase guide), as a general rule of thumb, remember to place the stress on the penultimate (second-last) syllable. Nearly all Brazilians speak Portuguese, a Romance language, belonging to the Indo-European language family. Even though both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese speakers will slightly understand each other if they do communicate. Useful Portuguese Phrases for Tourists. Simple Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Portugal We often get messages from complete beginners who plan to visit the country and want to learn a few of the basic phrases. Surely you won’t learn Portuguese from this guide. The Portuguese phrases I’ve included in this phrasebook is of the European usage which differs from the Brazilian in sounds and pronunciation. Prior to the arrival of the Portuguese, the native population spoke To download your free portuguese travel phrasebook now in PDF format directly to your e-mail inbox, please enter your first name and e-mail address below: Portuguese/Brazilian phrasebook content This e-book has over 83 pages and contains more than 1000 words and phrases in Portuguese with their English equivalents. Check out this list and review with audio pronunciation at PortuguesePod101. So, why not learn a few basic Portuguese phrases and expressions to enhance your general knowledge and become happier in the process? Nevertheless, it will most definitely be helpful to have a minimal understanding of the language and to know how to start a basic dialogue.

The Portuguese language was introduced to Brazil by the Portuguese in the early sixteenth century. Portuguese is a Romance language closely related to Spanish, and even more closely related to Galician (in fact, many people consider that Galician and Portuguese are two dialects of the same language). In Portugal, the level of English is quite good, especially the younger generations in the main cities of Lisbon and Porto.

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