Alzheimer’s Patient’s Prayer by Carolyn Haynali. I just loved the rhyme scheme, it was catchy all along! Hope is always ready To inspire and energise human beings Irrespective of age.. Sri Chinmoy (1) You may not be able to prevent Your body From getting old, But you can certainly prevent Your heart From becoming impure.. Sri Chinmoy (2) May I not receive Old age When it arrives for me.. Sri Chinmoy (3) And, indeed, poets have often been drawn to the topic of growing old and approaching one’s winter years. 2:32 pm I am in my 50’s, but know many people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who do not resemble the feeble-minded “old fools” portrayed by Larkin. "Wow! Summary: Between the years 1865 and 1939 Yeats wrote extensively about old age and growing old. 13 million people who it can be said are not in the prime of life. Aging is a natural process of life. Thank you for sharing that awesome poem with us! / With something to eat. :D

And I'm happy to say as I close the door "My friends are the same, perhaps even more." At the Easel with Alzheimer's by Rachel Dacus. Published at the web's largest poetry site. Senior Moments Captured in Verse.

I remember my ABUELITA. It’s A Long Goodbye by Anonymous. "Am I too old to be alone?

My old age check was sent! His Funeral by Jeff Worley.

There are over 13 million people in the UK over 65 years of age. Comments about Beautiful Old Age by David Herbert Lawrence Paul Merrigan (3/30/2018 1:23:00 PM) As I age, I think only of the mistakes I have made and the wrong choices and regret that I did not live up to my great promise. In this four-line epigram it seems to prove the old adage that 'young men sow wild oats and old men grow sage'. Now I have been thrown a bone, So I can keep my cherished home. A … It just fit like a key in a lock. Poems for Pensioners by Andy Seed Book Review. Do not Ask Me to Remember by Owen Darnell. The poems are intended to be gently humorous and warmly affectionate, not disrespectful or hurtful. Youth And Age Samuel Taylor Coleridge 16. I try to sleep while counting sheep, But other thoughts begin to creep.

(Just in case the …

Ere sleep dims my eyes I say to myself "Is there anything else I can put on the shelf?" Paul does, however, introduces the subject of sex amongst the over seventies, which may lead some readers to scurry for the off button.

I Am Still a Person by Judy Lauer.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 73. With my ears in a drawer, my teeth in a cup And my eyes on the table until I wake up. Just loved your poem, Henkel! Poems about Growing Old. by Joe Forshaw. Old age in certainly not amusing, but your poem is.

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