In fact, it is so direct I almost think the two books were written as one and split for publication purposes. Most of all though, this book is fun. Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch, 9780575097629, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Nightingale is down for the count so Peter takes the reins for this case and the resurgence of the Pale Lady and her vaginis dentata – with some untimely deaths and a few dead musicians. Due to a lot of us participating in Halloween bingo are reading this book, I am just going to keep this to a high level review. You probably could read this by itself, but you'd miss a lot of enjoyable things. Moon over Soho is a direct sequel to Midnight Riot/Rivers of London.

First, I really liked all of the characters (Peter, Leslie, Nightingale, Peter's mom and dad, the jazz band guys). Moon Over Soho brings back much favoured characters from Rivers and the same kind of humour.

Soho follows Peter Grant as he hunts down- wait for it – jazz vampires!! "Moon Over Soho" is the second book in the Peter Grant series.

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