In general, the most deadly conflicts have been fought on ideological grounds in revolutions and civil and religious wars.

As in the case of just war, limited war is best thought of as a single concept, rather than as a concept with an incidental qualifier attached to it. CAELIUS ANTIPATER (about 120) limited himself to the Second Punic War. Limited war definition, a war conducted with less than a nation's total resources and restricted in aim to less than total defeat of the enemy. History, as Marx famously said (by way of paraphrasing Hegel), repeats itself -- "the first time as tragedy, the second as farce." The Falklands War between Argentina and UK in 1982 was fought over the course of 10 weeks and ended with a little over a thousand casualties on both sides. This chapter outlines a second major tradition of thinking about war. 1. Some predict, however, that a limited war could potentially "escalate" into a full-scale nuclear war. August 31, 2007 Limited War vs. Total War By Diana West.

A limited war is one in which the belligerents do not expend all of the resources at their disposal, whether human, industrial, agricultural, military, natural, technological, or otherwise in a specific conflict. Inspired by the bellicose nature of his prime minister, the Indian army chief has threatened Pakistan with punitive action in the form of limited war for waging a so-called proxy war against India. Why America Loses Wars: Limited War and U.S. Strategy From the Korean War to the Present, Donald Stoker, Cambridge University Press, 336 pp., $29.95, August 2019 That’s telling in itself. See more. Colonel Bieri called OCMH at 1320, 15 October 1968, stating that General Taylor had asked for data on examples of "total" war, total war being defined as war in which the objective was the extermination of the enemy or rendering the enemy incapable of self … The chapter illustrates the history of its development through Machiavelli to Clausewitz, its major expression in the context of the nuclear age, and comparative recent decline. Some Cold War strategists such as Henry Kissinger argued that a limited nuclear war could be possible between two heavily armed superpowers (such as the United States and the Soviet Union). Limited War

Limited in time, location and objectives. This may be to preserve those resources for other purposes, or because it might be more difficult for the participants to use all of an area's resources rather than part of them. The Gulf War was a limited conflict contingent on the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, yet it required a powerful combined-arms ground campaign and a massive air war. In contrast, the United States did not take on the hard work of ground combat in Afghanistan in 2001 or slug it out with Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya in 2011. Total war, military conflict in which the contenders are willing to make any sacrifice in lives and other resources to obtain a complete victory, as distinguished from limited war. In a limited war, the principal goal of at least one of the forces involved is to preserve itself and its freedom to be able go on fighting.

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