Self-Experiments 2. Was kann ein Mensch im Leben mehr gewinnen Als dass sich Gott-Natur ihm offenbare? Download: LSD, My Problem Child.pdf. How LSD Originated 1.1. Lysergic Acid and Its Derivatives 1.4. First Chemical Explorations 1.2. LSD Experience and Reality. LSD - My Problem Child.

Get this from a library! Various Visitors The diverse aspects, the multi-faceted emanations of LSD are also expressed in the variety of cultural circles with which this substance has brought me into contact. LSD — My Problem Child Albert Hofmann 11. Découvrez sur decitre.fr LSD - My problem child par Albert Hofmann - Éditeur American Chemical Society - Librairie Decitre LSD: My Problem Child by Albert Hofmann (Author), Amanda Feilding (Editor), Jonathan Ott (Translator). [Albert Hofmann] Discovery of the Psyhic Effects of LSD 1.5.
Similar searches: Lsd, My Problem Child Child Early Marriages And Child Mothers In The Islamic Republic Of Iran Pre School Child In The Developing Child Textbook Problem Identification Vs. LSD: My Problem Child (German: LSD: Mein Sorgenkind) is a 1980 book written by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann about the history of LSD that he discovered in 1943. I am often asked what has made the deepest impression upon me in my LSD experiments, and whether I have arrived at new understandings … How … LSD - My Problem Child. LSD, my problem child : reflections on sacred drugs, mysticism, and science. What more can a person gain in life Than that God-Nature reveals himself to him? by Albert Hofmann. LSD in Animal Experiments and Biological Research 2.1. 75 years after Albert Hofmann’s serendipitous discovery of the effects of LSD, the Beckley Foundation and Oxford University Press present a new paperback version of LSD: My Problem Child. Werner A. Stoll, M.D.

by Albert Hofmann. It contains a collection of Hofmanns encounters with scientists, artists, and hippies who were interested in his discovery for a variety of reasons, aswell as many personal anecdotes and insights. —Goethe . Online Versions: English: Erowid.org; Non-English Versions: Russian Translation PDF; Foreword Translator's Preface 1. Ergot 1.3. by Albert Hofmann. LSD - My Problem Child. 10.

Use of LSD in Psychiatry Soon after LSD was tried on animals, the first systematic investigation of the substance was carried out on human beings, at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Zurich.

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