You will be able to fill in the name of the one who is doing the evaluation right on the form, so that you remember who took things into their hands and completed the information. Job evaluation is related to job analysis. 10 steps to developing a successful job evaluation 1. Job evaluation determines the value of one job in relation to others in the organization in order to ensure a fair job hierarchy and/or salary system is in place. A job performance evaluation form is used by companies and organizations to assess the performance of their employees. A Job Evaluation Form offers you opportunities to evaluate your employee in a variety of areas. Job evaluation is the process of determining the relative worth of different categories of jobs by analyzing their responsibilities and, consequently, fixation of their remuneration . There are many different types of job evaluation systems to choose from. Job analysis is the process of describing the duties of a job, authority relationships, skills required, conditions of work, and additional relevant information.

Under this method, job grades or classes are established by an authorised body or committee appointed for this purpose. Here is a clear step by step guide to undertaking a job evaluation that should help you on your way to providing a fair and equal pay structure that will benefit you in all of these ways. Outlining the job. Performance review examples and phrases need to be written in such a manner that while expressing authority, they do not have a domineering tone and maintain a tone that is both formal and casual. The main objective of job evaluation is to determine relative worth of different jobs in an organization to serve as a basis for developing equitable salary structure. This method of job evaluation was made popular by the U.S. Civil Service Commission. The most common are job ranking, factor comparison, point evaluation and job comparison methods.

To establish a justified pay structure for all the employees of the organization, job evaluation gives a means to compare the quality of the work in a particular job, in other words, the worth of a job. Job evaluation is defined as a method for determining the worth of a job in comparison to the different jobs in the organization. Objectives of Job Evaluation – 4 Main Objectives: Determination of Wage Structure, Minimising Conflict, Objectivity and Rationality & Determining the Monetary Worth of Job . A job grade is defined as a group of different jobs of similar difficulty or requiring similar skills to perform them. Performance Review Examples: Criteria and Phrases for Reviews. Methods of Job Evaluation For fixing compensation to different jobs, it is essential that there is internal equity and consistency among different job holders. Job analysis involves creating job descriptions and specifications. The form is usually filled in by the immediate boss of the employee, who is required to answer a few close ended questions about the way the employee performed during a given period.

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