Jackie Robinson born January 31st,1919 in Claro Georgia. To support your homeschooling, we're including unlimited answers with your free account for the time being. Beginner Know the answer? Sharpe, 1998. Background Information . Jackie Robinson will go down in history as the one of the most humble, courageous, and fearless individuals of all time. Conclusion. Demo, David H. And Michael Hughes.. Socialization and Racial Identity Among Black Americans. 12 (2004): 23-41. Robinson not only led the way for black athletes, but he also contributed to Civil Rights and desegregation off the field. Jackie Robinson on Courage on the field make a paragraph and conclusion. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson played an active part in abolishing racism in the baseball field and in society in America. After his discharge, he struggled with drug problems. Robinson's eldest son, Jackie Robinson Jr., had emotional trouble during his childhood and entered special education at an early age. history,He broke the color barrier between blacks and whites in baseball.He was the first successful baseball player in black history and the first black MLB player.He made the black society believe that they to can make it in this life and be successful as Jackie.
He was born to a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia. He had been a successful baseball player since his youth, and he became the first black player to join the major leagues. Answers: 3 Show answers Another question on English. He was and still is known for his ability to handle negative situations with calmness. Shutout: A … Nine, Vol. Fenster, Kenneth R. Earl Mann, Nat Peeples and the Failed Attempt of Integration in the Southern Association.

Jackie Robinson's entrance into Major League Baseball and the subsequent wide spread integration of the entire league, were incredibly integral to the African-American struggle for civil rights. M.E. He was the youngest …

Heaphy, Leslie. Jackie had an influence on other people and MLB. Jackie made a huge turning point in M.L.B.

Conclusion; Sources; Thesis Statement. He enrolled in the Army in search of a disciplined environment, served in the Vietnam War, and was wounded in action on November 19, 1965. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31st 1919. Jackie Robinson: race, sports, and the American dream. Robinson was known for an amazing MLB career and for being an important civil rights leader. Jackie Robinson had a huge effect on the MLB, society, and the Civil Rights Movements. Jackie Robinson took the biggest risk that any young black man could take during the late 1940s, when he became the first black person to play on a professional team. Jackie Robinson . Join for free.
Add it here! He became a great baseball player, and eventually broke the color barrier. Social Psychology Quarterly 53 no.4 (1990): 364-374. In Conclusion, Jackie Robinson created a turning point in history through his determination and hard work.

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