As children grow to middle and upper school ages, engaging in conversations, both listening and conversing, greatly influence the ability to relate with others. The word Conservation was unknown, humans just needed to survive on what ever they could catch, eat and trade ! • Species have an inherent right to exist. Greed and personal gain must not be permitted to decimate, despoil and destroy the earth’s irreplaceable treasure for its existence is essential to the human spirit and the well-being of the earth as a whole. If we all took little steps, we would make our way towards major progress. If only those early humans could have foreseen the importance of these creatures in their ecosystems, then of course many would still survive today. If your response to anything to do with the environment is either ‘there are more pressing… Importance of Conservation Saving wildlife and wilderness is the responsibility of all thinking people. Wetland conservation is aimed at protecting and preserving areas where water exists at or near the Earth's surface, such as swamps, marshes and bogs. Wildlife conservation is not just important for animals but to all living things. Environmental conservation is important for many reasons, including protecting the ozone layer, maintaining animal and human food chains, preserving potable water and making efficient use of non-renewable resources. Release suffering. Read at : Google Alert - desertification The importance of environmental conservation by Judith Willson Environmental conservation doesn’t just mean protecting cute animals on the other side of the world.

Reduction in numbers of one animal interrupts the eco system and the natural food chain, and leads to the threat of other species. Why Is Population Conservation Important? No matter how busy your life may be, it remains fairly easy to make small, yet necessary, changes for the good of the Earth. The importance of a face-to-face conversation is a physical connection between two people listening to each other. • Future generations of humans should be able to enjoy all species. It is in fact essential to our own survival. Conservation has several areas of importance. Wetlands cover at least six per cent of the Earth and have become a focal issue for conservation due to the ecosystem services they provide. Biodiversity. Environmental conservation comes in many forms and reminds us to be mindful of daily choices. According to The Nature Conservancy, serious environmental damage often takes years to manifest obvious symptoms. Importance of Conservation The Saylor Foundation. • Preserve potential medicines and other products that might benefit humans. Biodiversity is one important issue.

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