Here are some technicalities when it comes to mind mapping a book: You can mind map by chapters or major concepts. 8-12 top-level nodes is enough. How to Mind Map a Book. The easiest way to complete a mind mapping exercise involves purchasing a large poster board and some colored sticky notes, or Post It Notes. Try to make the 1-4 word phrases, e.g., “task management principles”. If you have a story in mind, but can’t figure out where to begin, use a limitless map to get all your ideas out. This article will show you the basic concepts and benefits of mind maps, and how to make a book summary with a mind map. Follow these steps: Put a large Post It note in the middle of the board; write your topic or tentative book title on it. What you do with your mind map depends on your current needs.

If not, create your own based on what you think are the main concepts. One of the easiest ways to understand how to mind map your novel is to look at a few examples. We may think of reading a book easily through the cover of the book, but as time goes on, the essence of the book would be forgotten, especially for those academic or historical books with abstruse words. Add colors to show connections, draw new circles as you think of them, feel free to doodle and see what happens. Use the ones made of a material you can write on. If you like the author’s structure, go with chapters.

With just a few different examples, you can easily see the many different ways a mind map can help you in brainstorming for ideas and organizing the flow of ideas! Post-It Note Version.

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