Romantic Music (1850-1900) The word romanticism was first used to describe new ideas in painting and literature, towards the end of the 18th century. 4. Verbs don't describe, they show an action or state. 2. By the time I get a reply, it will be too late, but I still really want to learn this as well as I can. Words to Describe Music Pitch Pitch is the degree of highness or lowness of a sound. Describe a singer or a music band you like. can someone give me a short description and some examples of what the music was like during these decades. Pitch frequency is measured by the number of vibrations that occur in a second. in a deep voice, or with a deep sound. Describe a famous person you know about. Describe definition is - to represent or give an account of in words. Answer Save. I have to write a paper describing the various elements of two songs. Describe a music band you listen to most of the time.

a low voice or sound is quiet and difficult to hear. used for describing a deep voice or a sound that has a long wavelength. Describe a music band you would like … How can i describe how it sounds while writing the lyrics that they are singing at the same time? Update: oh yah i forgot to say, its in 3rd person.

In music, every note has a distinct pitch. Describe music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s? How to describe music in a story? What are some words that could be used to describe the melody of a song? using a quiet voice so that someone cannot hear you. A scene in a story I am writing includes the main character along with his rock band, singing a dark depressing song. please help! It is not surprising that Haydn wept at the memory of his incomparable play. I'm in a music appreciation class. 5. i know that there were many different types of music, but i'm talking about the popular, mainstream music. a husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse (=as if you have a sore throat), often in an attractive way. for example, this past decade had focused a lot on autotune. This word was later taken up by musicians, to describe the changes in musical style, which took place soon after the turn of the century. 6. in an undertone. One can play music, listen to music, compose music, like music, or even hate music. 3. How to use describe in a sentence. In many popular styles of music, the Describe a person who has a great influence on you.

Mozart was a giant among giants both in his day and in ours. Melody The melody of a song is the music that stands out in the foreground of a song. Describe someone you want to meet.

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