No one had ever explored the effects of guilt ads on the attitudes and purchase intentions of real people. Coulter RH(1), Pinto MB.

Guilt appeal is a great way to get consumer's attention, and it's used quite a bit in the advertising world. Author information: (1)Department of Marketing, School of Business Administration, University of Connecticut 06269-2041, USA. A good example of this is the commercials showing the dying polar bears without ice to live on, or the cute little puppies and kittens without homes. A two-stage exploratory study was conducted to assess the effect of guilt as an advertising appeal. A sample of 46 working mothers were asked to respond to three advertisements for a microwavable dinner product in which the message intent was to create guilt (i.e., low, medium, and high).

The goal is to force a change in behavior via guilt.

Fear advertising doesn’t have to be negative in its intent. It describes the different ways that advertisements can tug at our emotions.

It lends itself to those with a topic that can be tied to universal or situational fears.

This article was very interesting to read. Guilt appeals in advertising: what are their effects? The advertisements were constructed following a content analysis of several popular women's … For both types of marketers, guilt appeal could be employed to create messages about the harm caused by using plastic bags, and the selfishness inherent in the decision to use them. Robin Coulter, of the University of Connecticut, and Mary Beth Pinto, of Mercyhurst College, are interested in guilt appeals in advertising, but when they reviewed past research on the subject, they found a wealth of theory but no experiments. Fear doesn’t work for all campaign types. Guilt in Advertising.

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