Over time, the mind may just lose its capacity to concentrate on things. Some legislation regarding water and air pollution have been made in India. However, there is an urgent need that the Central Government of India should manage to get a legislation passed for the control of noise pollution.
Outdoor sounds worldwide are mainly produced transport, transportation system, machines, and machinery, etc.

• Another immediate effect of noise pollution is a deterioration of the ability to hear things clearly.
Visualization of noise pollution for the entire world based on top of OSM data. Government should pass the ‘Noise Pollution control Act’ to … And these are the sources of excess noise as well. Even on a short-term basis, noise pollution can cause temporary deafness.

Search for your city and check for the noisy places.

Also, noise pollution is a big deterrent in focusing the mind to a particular task. Using global street, landuse and building data from OpenStreetMap we can approximate where noise pollution might happen.

Sound pollution is also known as environmental noise.

pollution. Global Noise Pollution Issues – In the ancient, picturesque Town of Kendal, County of Cumbria in the UK’s Lake District just under 300 miles north of London, you could almost doze off just looking at the gentle green pastures, rolling hills, and soft puffy clouds against pale blue skies. Sound pollution or noise pollution means propagation of the noise having a harmful impact on the life and activity of animal-human.

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