According to Mrs. Elizabeth Wells Gallup, the celestial globe at which the maniac is pointing is a cryptic symbol of Sir Francis Bacon. The planetary signs which appear in the clouds opposite the marginal figures 4, 5;, 6, and 7 signify the planetary configurations, which produce the forms of mania depicted. He writes, "nothing could be further from the truth: for number is a cypher and geometry a symbol for truth, and Francis Bacon was intensely interested in and a master of cipher and symbol, and of rhythm in language, using them repeatedly throughout all his works in various cryptic ways--for he saw mathematics as a vitally important occult or mystical science, and used it accordingly. Sir Francis Bacon the editor of the King James Bible was a member of illuminati. FRANCIS BACON (1909-1992) 'Painting', 1946 (oil and pastel on linen) Francis Bacon, the artist, was born in Dublin on 28 October, 1909, the second of five children. Francis Bacon - Francis Bacon - Thought and writings: Bacon appears as an unusually original thinker for several reasons. In it he says: Here of late I have been reading a bound volume or two of the Baconian booklets, two years earlier Baconiana Magazine, and the Life of Alice Barnham and Thos. He left home at the age of sixteen and went to live in Berlin. In the Enlightenment era, Bacon became a symbol for science and reason: reduced to a symbol, his actual philosophy was misunderstood and frequently unread. Bacon's cipher or the Baconian cipher is a method of message encoding devised by Francis Bacon in 1605. Curing or cooking bacon is a bad sign if there is heavy smoke. The last great English philosopher, William of Ockham, had died in 1347, two and a half centuries before the Advancement … The Rosicrucian Order’s chronological accounts are based on specific dates and verifiable facts. He produced series of images of popes, crucifixions and portraits of close friends, with abstracted figures sometimes isolated in geometrical cages, set against flat, nondescript backgrounds. Francis Bacon Notes . A message is concealed in the presentation of text, rather than its content. To dream of bacon basically represents selfish thoughts and emotions. The traditional history consists of mystical allegories and fascinating legends that have been passed down for centuries by word of mouth. In the correspondence columns of Baconiana of January 1948, there appeared a letter on the above subject from Earle Cornwall. Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his emotionally charged raw imagery. Francis Bacon, in full Francis Bacon, Viscount Saint Alban, also called (1603–18) Sir Francis Bacon, (born January 22, 1561, York House, London, England—died April 9, 1626, London), lord chancellor of England (1618–21). I’ll like to state however that Bacon was never in the 54 selected King James bible scholarship committee nor was he among the 51 (some people say they were 47 but they … In the first place he was writing, in the early 17th century, in something of a philosophical vacuum so far as England was concerned. The history of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, may be divided into two general classifications: traditional and chronological.

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