The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. Form follows function is a principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century.

Conceptual architecture is sometimes never built, but rather designed as a form of thought provocation, exploration of ideas.

Floor , Ashoka apartment Bhawani Singh Road C-scheme , Jaipur -302001... 2.

We perceive... B. Mass/Size. Shape refers to the configuration of surfaces and edges of a two- or three-dimensional object. Shape. Formal A formal approach to design looks at drawing on the formal language of architecture to develop a concept. It is an art based on the principles of Utility and Beauty. Mass combines with shape to define form. Description A. Who gave us the most famous phrase in architecture, and how did Frank Lloyd Wright expand its meaning?

The characteristics that distinguish a work of architecture from other built structures are (1) the suitability of the work to use by human beings in general and the adaptability of it to particular human activities, (2) the stability and permanence of the work’s construction, and (3) the communication of experience and ideas through its form. Theory of design form 1. Mass refers to the size or physical bulk of a building, and can... C. Scale. The Meaning of 'Form Follows Function' "Form follows function" is an architectural phrase often heard, not well understood, and hotly discussed by students and designers for over a century. Compiled by : FD Architects Forum Gr. - Meaning of Form - Properties of Form - Shape - Primary Shapes: Circle, Triangle, and Square - Primary Solids -... 3.
Architecture is an art of creating beautiful spaces, of designing structures where form follows function. Form “Architectural form …

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