604 words essay on Attitude. INTRODUCTION A good attitude or positive attitude is the outward manifestation of a mind that dwells primarily on positive matters. Attitude does influence ones behavior. A positive attitude is that state of mind which can be maintained only through conscious effort. 3. Studies have shown that people behave according to their attitude under certain conditions. Behavioural component of an attitude is an intention to behave in a cer­tain way towards someone or something. Attitude is the very gist of an individual’s way of thinking; it is an individual’s ideals, his concepts of right and wrong, and all his/her aspirations. Attitude theory and research deals with the structure, function, formation, and change of attitudes, and is also concerned with the relationship between attitudes and behaviour. Essay # 5. What is really the essence of the word attitude? It is a mind-set tipped in favour of creative activity rather than boredom, joy over sadness, hope over futility. In a nutshell, attitude can be defined as the totality of the individual himself. Attitudes do impact our behavior, but they are not imposed on stone within us. It is reflected through behavioural intentions and actions. Methods of Changing Attitude: (i) Providing New Information: Attitude can be changed by providing relevant... (ii) Use of Fear: Attitudes can be changed through the use of fear. Attitudes could be changed. Condition like when expecting a favorable outcome, due to personal experience are some of the examples.

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