WHAT DO YOU DO When People Ask You No-Win Questions? Question 2 is an example of a double-negative question. It’s one of the most commonly encountered bad survey questions. Generally, survey makers are strongly discouraged from using questions with complicated syntax, vague expressions, poor answer options, and – important to us here – “double barrels”. In effect, enough double-binds can eventually break your brain. A double-barreled question is also known as a compound question or double-direct question. A common structure of a double-bind question is of the form: assumptive of bad thing + question about frequency Thus you might take a statement about the person doing something wrong, such as stealing, then assume that they are doing this thing and consequently turn the question … This is where a double barreled question strikes fiercely.

No-win questions are also known as double-binds. Double-barreled question definition: A double-barreled question is a question composed of more than two separate issues or topics, but which can only have one answer. There is a theory of schizophrenia from the Milan group in Italy that claims that schizophrenia can be caused by frequent exposure to double-binds while one is growing up. If a participant can’t understand the question, of course, their answer will be meaningless and the resulting data will be useless. A double-negative question includes two negative words, potentially confusing or misleading the participant completely.

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