The class’ responses will determine where the teacher begins and how much time is dedicated to certain topics. ; Benchmark assessments measure how well a student is likely to do on future standardized tests and assessments.

Often school administrators want to measure various educational tools used within the school. A formative assessment monitors and judges how much the students are learning while the course or unit is ongoing. Another type of assessment, which is given at the beginning of the course or the beginning of the unit/topic, is known as diagnostic assessment. Diagnostic Assessments Examples At the beginning of a unit on Ancient Greece, a teacher may give a pre-test to determine if the class knows the basic geography, history or culture. A diagnostic assessment measures what students already know and understand. Teachers typically use this right before starting a new course, grade level or unit. Diagnostic Assessment.

This assessment is used to collect data on what students already know about the topic. Diagnostic assessments are used to evaluate learners.

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