Froyo ... Im in grade 11 and i live in on, canada. With regular cleanings and exams, we’ll help prevent periodontal disease and dental caries. Medicine, in my opinion, is just more interesting. Dentistry, though different from medicine, plays an important role in your overall health. Not surprisingly, these subjects overlap in terms of their content, and both require a solid grounding in science, patient communication and regular use of problem solving skills. Expand signature There are of course NHS dentists and private practices, and many health insurance policies will include some cover for private dental if needed. After completing the dental foundation training year after your degree in dentistry it is possible to go straight into working as a general dental practitioner.

Although not all dental schools require a baccalaureate, it will increase your chance of admission, and it’s mandatory for medical school. a general practinioner requires 12 years, 4 bachelor 4 med 4 residency or 3, dentistry requires 8 years 4 bachelor and 4 dental school, dentists in canada also have a higher median pay, but then again i dont care about the money too much? Make a list of your values, interests, skills and qualities. While dentistry often offers a better lifestyle, this isn't a guarantee and will still require a tremendous monetary commitment ($300,000 for dental school). in medicine you have a general education for some years before you specialise, whilst in dentistry, you begin orally related studies from the start. Dentistry offers many opportunities, challenges, and rewards. Dentistry is a good option too if you like teeth, but honestly unless you like teeth I would choose medicine. I was comparing medicine to dentistry i.e. I'm studying Dentistry and we Max fax and oral med lecturers who have done both, dentistry and medicine and we also have students on the course who have a previous degree in medicine. by Scott Thomas. Specialities – Unlike medicine, within dentistry it is not always necessary to specialise.
If you want to specialise in a certain area of dentistry however, further training is required. The clinical specialties of medicine (family practice, internal medicine, derm, psychiatry etc..) are increasing being filled by mid-level providers. A popular question from prospective UCAS applicants each year is deciding whether to apply for medicine or dentistry. i really cant decide between dentistry or medicine.

Whether you head for dentistry or medicine, be prepared to buckle down to the books. Dentistry is essentially a large and elaborate branch of medicine. But unlike medical, dental work isn’t fully covered by the … Dentistry on the other hand also has its complications. The Doctor of Dental Medicine is a member of the primary healthcare professions on the front line of disease prevention, intervention and wellness promotion.

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