42. climax Sentence Examples. Matters reached a climax in 1276. Essay on the Conflicts, Climax and Resolution in Rappaccini’s Daughter 2654 Words 11 Pages The Conflicts, Climax and Resolution in “The Rappaccini’s Daughter” This essay will analyze Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Rappaccini’s Daughter” to determine the conflicts in the tale, their climax and resolution, using the essays of literary critics to help in this interpretation. The polished stone work is superb, finding its climax in Porto Rico, which seems to have been the sacred island of the Caribs. 98. In some narratives, the climax is the point at which a conflict is resolved, often through a dramatic gesture. Climax as a Stylistic Device. That event was the climax of a long series of horrors. The Sonoran Desert, which is present in both the United States and Northern Mexico, is one example. If you're writing about a couple with marital problems, for example, the climax might be the moment at which they have a big fight or an evening during which one member of the couple leaves the other. 53. 53. At this point, the conflict is at the highest point of tension. Though a true climax community is difficult to achieve in nature, there are a few examples we can observe. For example, a prince might show up at a princess's house to rescue her during the climax. 358. The following are examples of climax as a stylistic device: Example #3: The Passionate Pilgrim (By William Shakespeare) Examples. Definition of climax: Climax is often identified as the highest point of interest in a story. It is the moment the rising action begins to transition in the falling action of the story’s plot. Crisis and climax are concomitant elements in the story; but to speak of a story without a climax (or without crises, for that matter), is like speaking of Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. 45. A story without a climax in its plot is not merely a truncated story; it is no story at all. As a stylistic device, the term climax refers to a literary device in which words, phrases, and clauses are arranged in an order to increase their importance within the sentence.

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