Useful phrases and vocabulary for Cambridge CAE and FCE Speaking Module Part 1 On Your City Speaking about your city is a great way to show that you know how to use Relative Clauses correctly.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Tip #1 Use relevant and clear vocabulary. Examples: I’m from Umbria, which is a region in Central Italy. It is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for. How to describe people - Appearances. If you are new to DailyStep English - welcome! C1 Advanced, formerly known as Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), is one of our Cambridge English Qualifications. Hello, I'm Jane at DailyStep English. What to do in the CAE Part 2 Speaking. The first thing to note in this part of the test is that it is not specifically a description exercise. Learn English Basics. However, you still need to use adequate descriptions in order to compare the photographs successfully.

Start studying CAE Speaking Part 2 Expressions: Picture Descriptions. Please sign up for a free trial of 5 Audio Lessons and to be on my mailing list for more free IELTS videos. Make sure you have a short explanation about your city prepared.

Choose your photos and read the questions.

After the lesson, please also try my IELTS Interactive course. Students practice for their CAE speaking exam, Part 2, paying special attention to speculating about the images. In this post you will learn everything there is to know about the CAE Speaking paper, also called Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE-C1), I promise.As an English academy (Granada), we specialise in Cambridge English exam preparation, and today we’re going to tell you about the Cambridge’s oral C1-level exam.The Speaking paper is one of the four parts in regular Cambridge English exams. How to describe someone in English.

Home / Cambridge Exams / CAE / CAE Speaking – Structures (Also for FCE / CPE) Posted on May 29, 2014 May 29, 2014 by simonrichardson1984 — 2 Comments CAE Speaking – Structures (Also for FCE / CPE) I’ve been doing a lot of CAE exam preparation classes recently, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are making three similar mistakes.

This free IELTS Speaking Test Lesson will help you get a higher score in English exams, and improve your conversation skills.

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