15. Once recruited, children undergo varying degrees of indoctrination, often verging on the brutal. Get this from a library! English Analysis on Angola and 15 other countries; published on 17 Apr 1999 by Child Soldiers Coalition Listen to child soldiers, wounded,lost and working children tell their stories. Committee: Disarmament Question of: Child Soldiers Submitted by: Angola Defining a child soldier as any boy or girl under the age of 16 who has joined an armed group either by choice or by force, . Child soldiers who fought in the Angolan civil war have been excluded from demobilization programs, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Warning: Some of the stories told involve violence. BBC reporters visit war zones to investigate the fate of children. Child soldiers who fought in the Angolan civil war have been excluded from demobilization programs, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today. Similarly, in Angola, a 1995 survey found that 36 per cent of children had accompanied or supported soldiers, and 7 per cent of Angolan children had fired at somebody. They believed that a childhood is a fundamental human right. Renamo had at least 10,000 boy soldiers, some as young as six years old. A total of 8,500 child soldiers(9) were registered (children comprised 12 per cent of UNITA troops gathered in the 15 Quartering Areas), but this figure greatly underestimates the scale of the problem since many soldiers had been recruited as children but had reached 18 by the time of registration. In the early 20th century, women in the United States and the UK started petitioning their governments to end child labor. Child soldiers: the brothers trained to kill each other Luis Samacumbi and his brother were kidnapped, forced to fight - and almost killed each other. Angola : forgotten fighters : child soldiers in Angola.. [Human Rights Watch (Organization)] -- Recommendations -- Background -- Use of children in the war since 1998 -- Child soldiers in Angola following the conflict -- Assistance to children -- The future -- Legal standards -- … Child Soldiers. April marks the one-year anniversary of the agreement that brought peace to mainland Angola in 2002.

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