Definition: Amplification is the rhetorical equivalent of a good old-fashioned ear trumpet. Amplification. Everything about the Veneerings was spick and span new. It's the process of enriching a sentence so that the reader can understand it more clearly. For example, you could say "The soup my dad made tasted terrible." Charles Dickens amplifies the idea of what it means to be "bran-new" in this excerpt from Our Mutual Friend: Mr. and Mrs. Veneering were bran-new people in a bran-new house in a bran-new quarter of London.

Examples of Amplification in Literature. Okay, gross soup. amplification: [ am″plĭ-fĭ-ka´shun ] the process of making larger, such as the increase of an auditory or visual stimulus, as a means of improving its perception. Definition: Amplification refers to a literary practice wherein the writer embellishes the sentence by adding more information to it in order to increase its worth and understandability. Got it. Amplification is a rhetorical term for all the ways that an argument, explanation, or description can be expanded and enriched.

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