If you’ve ever thought about switching careers, here are 5 reasons it would be a good idea for you to become a certified medical assistant: 1. This month we’re looking at what CareerStep’s Medical Administrative Assistant program offers students. Tweet; Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMAs) are a vital part of clinical patient care. You can help people.

Your externship supervisor, as well as other medical assistants or nursing staff, are important resources for you. 3 career in America by U.S. News & World Report. Stenberg College / September 23, 2015 / Blog / 1 Comment.

You get to meet a lot of different people, learn great things and get paid doing it all. 5 – It’s Exciting.

We know you don’t take this decision lightly, so we’ve compiled this list of reasons why there’s no better time than now to become a medical assistant. You must have a passing knowledge of ICD-10 codes for insurance, understand medical and patient chart software applications, and know accounting and billing basics as well as acting as a patient liaison. 5 Reasons to Become Medical Assistants By Jack Jong | Submitted On November 18, 2009 Medical Assistant (MA) is predicted to the single fastest growing career. Since the 1950’s, medical assistants have been a vital part of the medical industry. His job may vary everyday and is ideal for a person interested in the medical field but not wanting to do a monotonous job. Here are the 5 top reasons to become a medical office assistant (MOA): 1. There are several benefits for becoming a certified medical assistant, including better marketability and higher pay. And not just financially—professionals in healthcare service careers love their jobs for a wide range of reasons including personal fulfillment, flexible scheduling, job security, and more. 1 Stand out from the crowd. 5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Medical Assistant. Top 5 Reasons: Medical Administrative Assistant Posted on October 3, 2017 December 30, 2019 by csadmin Our Top 5 Reasons series is growing, and it’s time to add another program to the list. Our Top 5 Reasons series is growing, and it’s time to add another program to the list. Five reasons you’d make a great medical assistant. Something that makes us proud when we look back on our years as younger professionals. Whether the idea of working in the medical field has been a long-time dream placed on the back burner or a newly-sparked interest, a medical assistant career can be a great place to get your start in the healthcare industry. 2. An MOA’s education path is quite short, allowing you to start your dream job in under a year! 7 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant Posted on March 9, 2017 If you are interested in working with medical patients in a variety of settings, a career as a medical assistant might be right for you. If you become a medical assistant, you can rest assured that you will have job security in this profession. While many jobs are going up in smoke, medical assisting jobs are going strong. Along with a fast-paced schedule and a thrilling environment, medical professionals are able to meet a diverse group of people, enjoy stable careers in a growing industry and get great health benefits.

Working in the medical world is an exciting prospect for many individuals. During your medical assistant training, you probably received important advice from your instructors and supervisors.

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Quick Training.

That fact translates into 1 in 5 of the population being of retirement age at that time. Physician assistant is ranked the No. Here are five good reasons why it pays to get that certification. Here are the top 5 reasons you may want to become one: You’ll get to work sooner—and with less debt.

We all want to do something that has a real impact. It takes less than three years of graduate school and clinical training to become a physician assistant (PA).

It pays to work in healthcare administration!

5 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant August 8th, 2012 by Sandy Davis. Among the five reasons to become a medical assistant the first and most important is that it is a multi faceted job in the medical industry. (So far, we’ve already explored Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, and Pharmacy Technician.) By 2030, the baby boomer population will all be over the age of 65. December 24, 2019. They are in high demand — according to research conducted by Gray Associates, job postings for medical assistants grew 15 percent in 2014. A medical assistant’s role is unique in that it is a balance of clinical and administrative duties, and medical assistants are often the first point of contact with the public.

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