Our last article of short stories became so popular, that we decided to create another list, in which every story has a simple moral behind it. I stepped outside into a gorgeous summer day. MomJunction has compiled such interesting stories with videos, which you may use the next time your child asks for a story.

10 Short Moral Stories With World’s Most Valuable Lessons. Prompt: Write a story that includes the words thunderstorm, rainbow, and flower. The 10 Best Short […] Thanks Mimzi Dobcheva for the A2A. Very Short Stories For Children With Morals .

Posted by Mehak Fatima April 1, 2018 May 3, 2018. The classics are the best. Shares. Stories that have morals and messages behind them are always powerful. In fact, it’s crazy just how powerful a 200 word story can be. Branches had been scratching the side of the house for hours. About; With a light rainfall. I best leave the moral to the reader. During the story time at home, come up with some short moral stories for kids to enjoy the story line while also learning a lesson or two. Also give a suitable title. Menu. Ask for details ; Follow Report by Ankitp4eefv 31.05.2018 Log in to add a comment Answers The Brainliest Answer! From all regions of the world, this collection has been made to represent the true spirit of our culture. 250words.org – short short stories. The underlining principles would be truth, love, mutual respect, righteousness, rectitude, divinity, priority to societal unity, etc…All people, including the old people, would enjoy reading these stories. He lived in the outskirts of Maninagar which was the capital of Manipur Kingdom. John was resting on the recliner, two fingers through the hole on the armrest, just as he liked it, anchoring his arm as he inhabited the twilight between alertness and rest. short stories, 250 words long. LuckyYadav2578 Ace; The Saint's wisdom Kandagupta was a famous saint. Truth be told, it’s very insane exactly how capable a couple of hundred words can be.

READ NEXT. 'In 500 Words Or Less' is a collection of short stories, all of them 500 words or less, written for the WattPad WriteOn Writers Weekend WriteIn.

The Brightest And Biggest Meteor Shower In History Is Coming Up; Here’s How You Can See it! The sun made everything look bright and cheerful. Write an story in about 200 words with a moral. I don't know if it's the best story I can come up with, but it's a true story. Here is a large collection of Moral Stories.

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