When we are healthy we can laugh, smile, enjoy food, joke … A 1 minute speech on health and fitness Ask for details ; Follow Report by Samikshajain567 02.10.2015 Log in to add a comment ... Health is the most important aspect of our life. Suppose a man wishes to enjoy his life to the maximum.

Commit to work on yourself. Good morning to respected teachers, principal, and all of my friends. A 1 minute speech on health and fitness Ask for details ; Follow Report by Candyflossdcruz 19.11.2014 Log in to add a comment Answers upenderjoshi28 Genius Health and Fitness Health is wealth as all the wealth of any sort that one wants to possess can be had only if one is healthy! When we go home, we spend a lot … This Is Not The End. A Good 1-Minute Speech on Pollution: The modern man may be proud of the progress he is making in every sphere of life.

Health is wealth short speech You can add these points on your speech: Undoubtedly, health is better than wealth. Good morning to my respected teachers and all my fellow classmates. You CAN turn it all around and you DO DESERVE it. But nowadays, many of us live sedentary lives.

We come to school and remain seated most of the time for our lesson. Today I want to share with you all my thoughts on fitness and good health. I would like to speech over health and fitness at this special occasion. A warm good morning to the excellencies, my respected teachers and my dear colleagues. As we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. This is all because of negligence and carelessness.

Speech on Health is Wealth Health is Wealth Speech 1. (A short 1 to 2-minute speech on health) So, Let’s Start the Speech on Health and Fitness… If you are suffering from depression, please seek help. Get help in your country: Help Hotlines For Depression. This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health. Speech on Health and Fitness Health and Fitness Speech 1. Watch FREE on our YouTube channel: The fresh air and pure water we used to get is now polluted. Talk to someone. In this article, we have published a Speech on Health and Fitness for Children and Students in 1000 words. There is nothing more crucial than health.

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